Joe Elliot Explains Why Def Leppard Won’t Collaborate With Bon Jovi


Joe Elliott, lead singer with Def Leppard has said that laying down a collaborative track with Bon Jovi would be a pointless effort. The frontman went so far as to say that their 2008 release with Taylor Swift was a more valuable exercise.

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The British rockers had collaborated with Swift on an edition of a CMT series called ‘Crossroads’, which sees country artists work with other musicians from different genres.
The performance included Def Leppard tracks “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” “Hysteria” and
“When Love and Hate Collide”.

Speaking to Rolling Stone in a new interview, Elliot revealed his thoughts,

“The whole thing came together because somebody walked into our dressing room with a laptop. He goes, ‘It’s Taylor Swift, she’s doing this interview, and she said there was the only band that she would ever do a Crossroads with, and it was Def Leppard.’ We went, ‘Wow, OK, get in touch with her, see what she thinks.’ Lo and behold, a couple of months go by and, all of a sudden, we’re doing this show.”

Elliot continued,

“We’ve always been that poke-noses-out-of-joint kind of band. I loved the idea of something that’s gonna either piss people off or they go, ‘Good for you for doing something different.’ If you’re gonna do collaborations, I don’t see the point in us doing a song with Bon Jovi. … It’s like, I’d prefer the idea of Jon [Bon Jovi] doing a song with like, Tom Waits. Us doing something with Loudon Wainwright III or Leonard Cohen. Somebody completely off the wall. Or Elvis Costello and Motorhead. Can you imagine what that would sound like?”

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Source: Ultimate Classic Rock