Kevin Kilbane Calls for Football Injuries To Be Taken Seriously


Former Republic of Ireland international Kevin Kilbane says football needs to take head injuries seriously.

It follows the news that Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius suffered concussion during the Champions League final.

The German was a fault for two goals during the Reds 3-1 defeat to Real Madrid, but he had been injured in a collision with Sergio Ramos.

Kilbane says incidents like this can not be ignored:

“Football in general has basically turned it’s back on concussion for too long now -it’s the old adage, ‘Ah he’s grand you’re fine just get on with it… you know lads have taken an elbow, taken a knock to the head. It’s just get on with it…’ But when it happens we have to respect concussion in general I think across the game…and it hasn’t been the case.”