Live Pilot Music & Sports Events With Spectators Possible For June


It emerged yesterday that a set of pilot events may kick off in June on Irish soil. These events would be to determine if indoor and outdoor music events can take place with an audience.

There is also hope that supporters may be able to attend this year’s All Ireland Football and Hurling finals later this year.

”I am keen to conduct pilot events indoor and outdoor as soon as possible”, said Minister for Tourism, Catherine Martin. “I would like to see some of these events happen in June. I’m keen to make that happen in June. I know July was mentioned but I’m keen to have these pilot events done by June”. 

The last few weeks have seen pilot events take place across Britain, including pilot nightclub like music events in Liverpool. More on that here.

Important to get through May & June – Dr Holohan

This comes after the CMO Dr Tony Holohan said that yesterday’s re-opening of hairdressers and barbers was just “day one”. He also warned that further easing of restrictions could be “put at risk” if people begin to “get ahead” and do more than what is permitted.

“If we can continue to see the progress we are making in May – and today is just day one – and if we get to the end of May we can reintroduce measures in June such as outdoor activity, hotel and other accommodation”, Dr Holohan said.

This also comes after it was confirmed that there are 124 people receiving hospital treatment for Covid-19, and 31 people in ICU.

The Chief Medical Officer also added that if we are able to negotiate May and June with the spread of Covid-19 still declining, “in the same safe way we have been managing in the last couple of weeks that has kept the disease relatively stable “it opens up the possibility of a return to music audiences and sports spectators returning”.

Dr Holohan also added the big difference this time is that the majority of people being diagnosed with Covid-19 are under 45 years of age.