Men Charged For Holding Eagles Notes Worth Over $1 Million


Three men aged between 58 and 66 years old, are facing charges for possessing handwritten notes which belonged to Eagles founding member Don Henley.

These Eagles notes are also worth over $1 million. They also included lyrics for tracks from the band’s Hotel California album. Tracks includ Life In The Fast Lane and New Kid In Town.

These men 58 year old Craig Inciardi, 59 year old Edward Kosinski and 66 year old Glenn Horowitz, knew that these notes were stolen, according to prosecutors.

These manuscripts were originally stolen in the late 1970s. The DA also added that they were stolen by an author hired to write a biography of the Eagles.

It was also revealed that this biographer sold these scripts to Horowitz in 2005. He then sold them to Kosinski and Inciardi.

They must “scrupulously follow the law” District Attorney On Theft Of Eagles Material 

District Attorney Brag had this to say regarding the case regarding the Eagles.

“New York is a world-class hub for art and culture, and those who deal cultural artifacts must scrupulously follow the law”, DA Bragg said.

Bragg also added, “There is no room for those who would seek to ignore the basic expectations of fair dealing and undermine the public’s confidence and trust in our cultural trade for their own ends”.

“These defendants attempted to keep and sell these unique and valuable manuscripts, despite knowing they had no right to do so”.

“They made up stories about the origin of the documents and their right to possess them so they could turn a profit”. 

“recovering these manuscripts”

The District Attorney’s Office have also claimed that the trio lied to auction houses, law enforcement and potential buyers about how they ascertained these Eagles notes.

Along with trying to sell the manuscripts, they also engaged in a “years-long campaign to prevent Henley from recovering the manuscripts”, according to the department.

Inciardi and Kosinksi have been charged with attempted criminal possession of stolen property in the first degree. The pair have also been charged with two counts of hindering prosecution in the second degree.

Alongside Horowitz, the pair were also charged with one count of conspiracy.

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