Motorhead Forced To Cancel Denver Show


Motorhead were forced to cancel one of their shows in Denver, Colorado due to Lemmy’s health issues. The band cancelled their set at Riot Fest in Denver because of Lemmy’s ill health.

The news follows on from the recent cancellation of a show in Salt Lake City, where they stopped playing after four songs. Lemmy was apparently experiencing some breathing problems during the gig.

The Motorhead frontman is supposedly suffering from altitude sickness being in The Rocky Mountain High. Although he wanted to play in Denver, he was apparently advised not to in order to recover from his illness.

A statement from the band read “Lemmy is really sorry and wants to thank fans for their support and trust. He looks forward to playing in low elevations.”

Motorhead have recently released their new album Bad Magic on August 28th. Their newest single ‘Thunder & Lightning’ was recently released in anticipation of the new album.

It’s not the first time that Lemmy has suffered from health problems on tour, as he previously dealt with heart and diabetes issues on tour. Motorhead will start the tour back up again with a 4-show run in Austin, Texas on September 1st.

Photo Credit: kris krug