Motorhead Release New Brand of Whiskey


It seems that rock bands just can’t get enough of making their own branded beer. the latest group to join the trend are Motorhead who have announced a new brand of whiskey.

Their new whiskey is actually part of a Motorhead Drinks line which sees the band have their own brand of beer, wine and vodka. It makes sense that they would round things out with a brand of whiskey as well.

Motorhead teamed up with an award winning Swedish distillery called Mackmyraon for their new brand of whiskey. It is a single malt whiskey with an oaky and slight fruity character as well as having quite a strong bourbon influence.

It’s no surprise that they have their own line of drink since Lemmy has been known to enjoy his drink. His classic drink has always been a bourbon and coke but he recently had to change to vodka and orange for health reasons.

Speaking about the new brand of whiskey Lemmy said “Life is less painful with Motorhead Whiskey. I may even have a sip every now and then.”

Drummer Mikkey Dee also spoke about the new drink saying “All of us have been active in the production process and are very proud of the result, we’re happy to launch such a great, characteristic whisky, Motorhead style.”

Photo Credit: kris krug