Watch Pearl Jam Play “Rockin In The Free World”

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Pearl Jam appeared on US television last night as they performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The band played two tracks on the show, with an original and a cover.

Pearl Jam played ‘Mind Your Manners’ from their latest album Lightning Bolt which came out in 2013. They also played a cover of Neil Young’s ‘Keep On Rockin In The Free World’ and were joined by host Stephen Colbert for the rendition.

As well as playing on the show Pearl Jam were there to promote their performance at the Global Citizen Festival in New York on September 26th. The event is part of a wider campaign to end extreme poverty by 2030.

It’s one of three initiatives undertaken by the UN general assembly, with the other two being firstly fighting growing inequality and the other finding a way of protecting the planet.

Organizers of the festival have said it’s “a critical leveller for achieving policy and financial commitments that will shape the success of the global goals over the next 15 years.”

You can check out Pearl Jam playing ‘Mind Your Manners’ as well as a cover of Neil Young’s ‘Keep On Rockin In The Free World’ down below.

Photo Credit: Mick Arieta