My Chemical Romance Mark 20 Years Since 9/11


In a statement marking 20 years since 9/11, My Chemical Romance explained how this tragedy also led them to forming the band the following day.

Their track “Skylines and Turnstiles” was written in the immediate aftermath of the terror attacks by their frontman Gerard Way. 

“The world changed that day, and the next day we set about trying to change the world”, the statement says.

My Chemical Romance Statement

The statement reads, “To whom it may concern,⁣ 2021 marks the 20 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Consequently, 9/12 marks the 20 year anniversary of My Chemical Romance. Like many of you reading this, 9/11 changed our lives and effected every aspect of our consciousness. Starting Mychem was a direct result of everything we experienced and witnessed during those horrific events. The world changed that day, and the next day we set about trying to change the world”. 

It also added, “Mychem has always been bigger than its parts. Even when the band took time away the MCRmy was there spreading the work and living the message of ​“Keep Yourself Alive!” Today we are collectively older and wiser, but still there to carry on when we hear the call. The past 20 years have been about healing, dusting off and getting back up, and living life to our highest potential. On this monumental anniversary let us all think about those we lost that day and the days since. Keep those loved ones close and their memories alive by thinking ​“what would they have wanted us to be doing today?”⁣. 

“Proudly living and breathing our true authentic selves? Being kind and compassionate to one another? Being creative, unique, and extraordinary? Maybe just trying to be better than you were yesterday?”.

“We have found that when in doubt, love is and always will be the answer”.

“Thank you for showing us love and for walking by our side these past 20 years. We truly are stronger together and thankful you are here with us. Romantically yours,⁣ MCR⁣”. 

December 2019 also saw My Chemical Romance play their first live show in 7 years, at LA’s Auditorium and Expo Hall.

The band have also pushed back reunion tour dates from 2021 to 2022 including the UK, Europe, Austrailia, US and New Zealand. More info here.