New Blink-182 Music Is “Only Weeks (Days) Away” – Tom DeLonge

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New music from Blink-182 is only “weeks (days) away”, according to co-founder Tom DeLonge.

This comes as the band’s original line up reunited for the first time in a decade last year, announcing a new tour, which included dates across the UK and Europe.

However, they were forced to postpone some of these dates, after Travis Barker suffered ligament damage to his finger.

Earlier this Summer, DeLonge had stated that a new album from Blink-182 was on the way, insisting that it was the “best” one yet. Blink-182 had released their new single ‘Edging’ last October.

“only weeks (days) away”- Says DeLonge

Taking to Twitter, Tom DeLonge assured fans that the long wait for new Blink-182 music could be over soon.

“@blink182 music video(s) and album are only weeks (days) away”, he wrote. “We are finally here”. 

Check that out below.

A few months ago, Tom DeLonge stated that this album is “probably our best one yet”.

He said, “The production that we brought on this tour is finally the first perfect, cohesive branding and symbol of everything that the band is about. It’s got the nostalgia in there and the history in there, but it’s also got the fun and reverence and childhood charm. And it’s got the rebellion, but it’s got the technology too”. 

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