New Frankie Goes To Hollywood Biopic Is In The Works


Frankie Goes To Hollywood are to be the subject of a new biopic which is in the works, it has been reported.

News of this comes after the band reunited to perform at last week’s pre Eurovision Song Contest event, the first time that the band performed together since their split in 1987.

This performance saw frontman Holly Johnson reunite alongside Brian Nash, Paul Rutherford, Mark O’Toole, and Peter Gill.

“bring this iconic moment back to life”

The biopic which will be titled ‘Relax’, is also set to star It’s A Sin breakthrough actor Callum Scott Howells, who is to portray the band’s frontman Holly Johnson.

Written by Bernard Rose, ‘Relax’ which was named after Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s 1983 hit, will also be produced by Eric Fellner, Tim Bevan, and Luc Roeg.

Rose also directed the music video for ‘Relax’, along with the 1992 horror ‘Candyman’.

‘Relax’ is also being developed by UK production companies Independant Entertainment, and Working Title. It will also based on Holly Johnson’s 1994 memoir, ‘A Bone In My Flute’.

“Frankie Goes To Hollywood were an unflinching ground-breaking band that paved the way for so many young performers today”, Luc Roeg said of this upcoming project.

“We can’t think of anyone better than Bernard Rose, and our talented young lead, Callum Scott Howells, to bring this iconic moment in pop history to life”. 

As mentioned, Frankie Goes To Hollywood reunited for the first time since 1987 to perform at pre Eurovision Song Contest event in the host city of Liverpool.

Sharing the news of this upcoming performance, Holly Johnson posted this via social media.

“To celebrate the UK hosting the @eurovision song contest for Ukraine in our hometown of Liverpool, I’m happy to announce that Frankie Goes To Hollywood will reunite to perform at the opening concert of this very special event”, Johnson shared via Instagram.