Nirvana Craft Beer


Pokertree Brewing Company is launching a new Nirvana inspired craft beer later this month named Nirvana Dark.

The brewery started earlier this year in County Tyrone and it is the first brewery in Tyrone for over three generations.

Pokertree Brewing Company, takes its name from a fable about an old tree near the village of Carrickmore, County Tyrone.

The story goes that on specific nights, when the air was chilled and the moon was bright, the Devil could be found sitting under the tree’s creaking branches playing cards.

Apparently, if you ever saw the Devil sitting there you could challenge him to a hand. If you won he would grant you anything you desired, but if you lost your soul was his forever.

Hence the line, Pokertree Brewing Company… Devilishly good Irish Ales.

The Nirvana inspired Ale is dark, brooding and full of character. Owner Darren Nugent describes it as a ‘special’ beer. Nirvana Dark, celebrates the link between Carrickmore and Nirvana’s frontman Kurt Cobain, who has roots in Co. Tyrone. It’s a Casadian Ale, Cascadia is a mountain region located in the Pacific Northwest of America, where Kurt Cobain was born and raised.

Watch more about Pokertree Brewing Company below.