Noel Looks Back In Anger at Oasis Videos


He’s the brains behind Oasis, but Noel Gallagher is also known for telling it like it is…even when it comes to his former band.

A video montage has surfaced on YouTube of Noel’s commentary of Oasis’s music videos, which was a feature on their 2010 box set Time Flies.

Noel provides viewers with hilarious commentary while watching the clips (some of which he claims to have never seen before),  where he reveals he “hates videos at the best of times” and numerous times wonders aloud “why didn’t somebody f—-ing stop me?”

Clearly unimpressed by the videos, Noel advises us at one point to “go and mow the garden, cos this’ll go on for ages”, while he also reveals some behind-the-scenes secrets – during the video for ‘Whatever’ he says he was still in his clothes from the night before, adding “I remember Liam being furious that day ‘cos it was the one time I was more drunk than he was.”

His last words on the ten minute montage, sum up pretty much how he feels about the whole video-making process: “f—ing dreadful”

This video is the best ten minutes you’ll spend today.

Warning: a LOT of bad language!