Oasis Mark 25th Anniversary Of Iconic Track With B Side Lyric Video


Oasis have marked the 25th anniversary of the release of their track “Don’t Look Back In Anger” by releasing a lyric video for “Step Out”, one of their iconic B sides.

“Don’t Look Back In Anger” was orginally released on 19 February 1996. It was taken from their album “(What’s The Story) Morning Glory? which was released in October of that year.

As well as this, a new lyric video for “It’s Better People”, the B side to “Roll With It” was also released.

In excess of 22 million copies of the album was sold worldwide. It is also the third biggest selling UK album of all time. It then re-charted at Number three in the UK Albums Chart when the limited edition anniversary reissue of the record was released on vinyl last year.

New Oasis album with a difference

This also comes after Noel Gallagher confirmed last month that most of the members of Oasis were to reunite, to record a new album.

Noel confirmed that the band will record a 14 track album. These are 14 tracks that did not appear on previous records.

However, this album will be recorded without Noel’s brother Liam.

On the project, Noel said “I’ve listed the proper songs and there were 14. They just fell by the wayside of various projects from down the years”.

He also said, “I’m going to record them. Some are quite old school. I was looking at the track listing and thinking, Actually, f**king hell, no I’d approach that song differently”.

“It’s gonna happen”

However, Liam Gallagher has insisted that Oasis will reunite eventually.

The former Oasis singer is a diehard Manchester City fan, like his brother Noel. When celebrating City’s recent victory, Liam was asked by a fan on Twitter if a possible Oasis reunion was on the cards. To which Liam responded, “It’s gonna happen”.

Another fan also told him that the bookmakers Ladbrokes were giving 10/1 odds on an Oasis reunion.

Liam’s response was, “Bring it on like ive said a million times bfore im ready to go id piss n oasis gig standing on my head the little fella knows it as well that’s why he’s scared to share the stage with me as id OWN it”.

Watch this space!