Peter Buck Joins The Black Crowes Onstage To Cover R.E.M. Tune!


Chris and Rich Robinson took part in a performance at Portland as part of the brothers’ Brothers of a Feather tour at the second-to-last date of their tour. During the show, Chris and Rich Robinson invited out an old friend to join the performance.

According to Spin, the surprise guest was Peter Buck who joined the Black Crowes brothers to perform R.E.M.’s “7 Chinese Bros” from 1984’s Reckoning.

This purely acoustic tour is a prelude to their much anticipated big summer tour for the Robinsons. Last year, they told fans to expect a massive arena and amphitheatre tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Crowes’ debut album, Shake Your Money Maker.

This intimate Brothers of Feather tour has seen the brothers perform acoustically in small clubs in Europe and the U.S., it comes to an end on Friday with a show in San Francisco.

Check out fan-shot footage of the performance below: