Phil Collins Announces His New Memoir


Phil Collins has announced a brand new memoir which is set to come out this year on October 25th. The new book is called Not Dead Yet and looks at the career and personal life of Phil Collins.

Collins promises to bear all in the new book as he delves into his “three failed marriages, alcoholism and ill health.” A lingering back problem has forced Phil Collins to step away from touring in recent years.

Speaking about the memoir in a new interview with Rolling Stone, Collins said “Throughout [my life], there have been lots of highs, and more than a few lows,” adding that “I’m being completely honest about all of them, embarrassingly so in some cases.”

He continued by saying “This autobiography has been on my mind for a few years, and I decided that now was the time. Things had happened in my personal life that caused me to take stock.”

The new book is all about getting to know Phil Collins as a person, as he said “It’s certainly a life worth writing about. I’ve been incredibly lucky, but I’ve also worked extremely hard. I’ve collaborated with some of my heroes, written songs that people have liked and wildly surpassed my initial hope to make a living as a drummer.”

Photo Credit: Santi Banks