Photo: Chris Cornell Shares Story Of Meeting The Man With Same Name

Chris Cornell

A man named Chris Cornell shared the touching story on social media recently of coming face to face with late great Soundgarden frontman, Chris Cornell.

The encounter reportedly happened shortly before the singer’s death. Cornell wrote via Alternative Nation:

“As part of my job at WOW Production Services, I frequently work on the online promotion of films in the months leading up to the theatrical release. I was particularly enthused a couple of years back, when I learned we were going to be helping to promote ‘The Promise’.”

Shortly after our company started working on the project, I learned I was not the only Chris Cornell involved with the film. I remember when I first became aware of Chris Cornell back in the late 80s when a co-worker, who wrote a music review column at the newspaper where I worked, tacked a promotional black-and-white glossy photo of the singer to the bulletin board above my computer terminal.”

Chris Cornell Honoured

He told me Cornell was going to hit it big. Years later, I would occasionally deal with autograph seekers at hotels I was staying in, front desk attendants at the gym doing double takes when my name would pop up on the screen, and one nutty waiter at a restaurant in Maryland who wouldn’t leave me alone until I swore I was not the frontman for Soundgarden.”

I always enjoyed Cornell’s voice, and although I never had the opportunity to see him in concert, I am a frequent listener of his music to this day. On the night of April 18, 2017 my wife and I headed down to Manhattan for the New York premiere of ‘The Promise’.”

After the premiere, my wife and I attended a post-premiere reception. As things started to wind down, it occurred to me that I might never get another chance to meet Chris, so I decided to take a quick walk to the back of the restaurant to see if he was still around.”

As I came around the corner, he was walking toward me. As we got closer, I awkwardly said something like “Hey, Chris, I’ve always admired your music. I thought you might be interested in meeting someone who shares your name.”

He looked slightly puzzled… “My name, it’s also Chris Cornell,” I said. It looked as though he wasn’t sure if I was serious or not, but when he had determined I was, a big smile came across his face. He put his arm around me and posed for a couple [of ]shots. I left with a feeling that Chris Cornell was a gracious, genuine human being.”


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