Radiohead Shed Light On Album Rumours


Radiohead have shed light on the recent rumours about their new album. The band responded to recent comments made by David Message who is affiliated with the band.

Last week he was at an In Conversation event in London when he spoke about the new album. Message said that the album would be “out in the summer and be like nothing you’ve heard before.”

Now Radiohead themselves have responded to these comments saying that what he said was untrue. The statement from the band read “At an industry event in London last night Brian Message was asked about new Radiohead music. Quotes attributed to him and taken from his talk have subsequently appeared, describing him as Radiohead’s manager.”

“Message told the audience of just 30 people that the new album would be released in June. He refused to reveal its name, but billed the album as ‘something that will probably make many of us go, ‘Wow!” He continued: ‘There’s nothing out there right now that sounds anything like this. And for some people that will be a good thing and for others that probably won’t.”

Radiohead continued by saying “Brian Message is not Radiohead’s manager – he is a partner in Courtyard Management but plays no operational role, and therefore any quotes from last night’s event, or any supposition arising from them, should not be attributed to Radiohead’s management or be seen as official quotes on behalf of the group. Radiohead are managed by Chris Hufford and Bryce Edge at Courtyard Management.”

Photo Credit: Alessandro Pautasso