Rocker Robby Krieger Wants His Old Doors Guitar Back!


Robby Krieger of the Doors wants his old Gibson guitar back! The guitar was stolen from the Doors rehearsal room.

There is a history behind this guitar, as Robby Krieger recorded the first two Doors albums with it, along with the track “Light My Fire”. 

Krieger is also willing to pull out all the stops to get this instrument back.

If your are in posession 63 or 64 Gibson SG Special, have a look at the back of the neck. If there is a serial number reading 952727. There is a chance that you could be in possesion of Robby Krieger’s guitar!

On top of offering to buy the guitar off you, the rocker has also said that he will give you an exclusive hand signed Gibson SG hand-painted by Krieger himself. He will also give you a signed copy of his new book SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE.

If you are in possession of this guitar, you can email: [email protected].

Krieger is “Calling All Guitarist”

This message was posted via Robby Krieger’s Facebook account.
CALLING ALL GUITARISTS! Robby Krieger is hoping you can help him find his first guitar! Robby’s iconic red Gibson SG Special was the guitar he used to audition for The Doors, to write “Light My Fire,” and to record the first two Doors albums.
Tragically, it went missing many years ago. But hopefully you can help! If you have a ’63 or ’64 Gibson SG Special, check the back of the neck for serial number 952727. You might have Robby’s guitar!
If you find it, and it can be authenticated, we will buy the guitar from you, and will also give you an exclusive hand-signed Gibson SG hand-painted by Robby Krieger, along with an autographed copy of his new book, SET THE NIGHT ON FIRE.
Think you’ve got the guitar? Email us at: [email protected].
Speaking of his memoir, Krieger published his book earlier this month.