Sharon Osbourne Speaks About Her Relationship With Husband Ozzy


In a recent interview, Sharon Osbourne spoke about her marriage to former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne.

The marriage which has lasted four decades, has endured its fair share of ups and downs in that time, including Ozzy’s battles with alcohol and drug addiction, along with extramarital affairs.

The couple even briefly split up for a while in 2016, when Ozzy’s affair with hairdresser Michelle Pugh was made public.

Other incidents include Ozzy attempting to strangle his wife in 1989, while intoxicated.

“Our fights were, legendary. We would beat the s**t out of each other. It stopped, must be, 20 years ago, but we had a good run”, Sharon said back in 2021.

“We’ve survived everything: drink, drugs and now it’s women… When you’re fucking a load of women, one of them is going to want more. That’s the one that’s going to get you”, she added.

Sharon also did not completely blame her husband, “It is hard when you are both successful and both working away. It is easy to take each other for granted… You have to have some ups and downs”. 

“successful partnership”

Despite this, the pair are still going strong, and Sharon was asked about the secret to their “successful partnership”.

“This thing is we’re two oddballs. We’re both oddballs. I might look quite, oh, the way I dress, quite normal, but normal is not a word I use often”, Sharon Osbourne said.

She continued, “So, we’re two oddballs, and we were two wild young people that found each other. And I think we’re cut from the same mold. And it’s not been easy. No relationship is easy, and you have to work at it, and you get your ugly times, your bad times, and your horrific times”. 

“But if you love each other enough, you’ll work through. And to realize that you have to accept people for what they are. They’ll never be what you want them to be. You have to accept them — their good and their bad parts. If you love them enough, you’ll accept it and realize that you can’t change it”. 

After marrying in 1982, the couple had three children together, Aimee, Jack and Kelly.

Earlier this year, Sharon who is also Ozzy’s manager, said that her husband is “feeling better”, amid ongoing health battles, including being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. More on that here.

The couple celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary in 2021.

They have also recently announced plans to revive their podcast ‘The Osbournes’ following a five year hiatus. It will launch on September 12.