Slash Calls Axl’s “Phenomenal” Performance With AC/DC “A Very Proud Moment”


Slash has hailed his Guns ‘N’ Roses bandmate for the “phenomenal” performance Axl Rose gave while fronting AC/DC in Brian Johnson’s absence. The My Michelle screecher stunned his doubters with some rampaging performances in 2016, so much so that the G’N’R axeman is extremely proud for his compadré.

Speaking in the new issue of Classic Rock magazine, Slash recalls, “I came out to a gig in London, and it was phenomenal! I was blown away, especially when he sang the Bon Scott stuff. That was a very proud moment, actually.”

Slash is chilled when asked if there had been any animosity amongst each other with Rose fronting another band so soon after their own surprise reunion. Speaking to Classic Rock writer Paul Elliott, the guitarist said, “Not at all. It was AC/DC, man!

The fact that he got asked to do that was very cool,” Slash notes. “And he worked his ass off doing it, too. He really adhered to the whole AC/DC regimen and pulled it off. In the moment, when it first came up, it was a little jarring, I have to say.

I was super-proud that he was doing it, but how that was gonna happen and go right into the Guns thing, I really didn’t know. But anyway, it worked out,” Slash claims. So, it wasn’t like a big deal. In all these years that we’ve been apart, he’s become super-fucking professional. And he’s never missed a beat during this whole time. So, it’s been great. There has been a sort of synergy that’s been happening this last six years that we never had in our first incarnation.”

In the same interview, Slash reconfirms new a Guns N’ Roses album in revealing there is “new Guns material coming out, as we speak, and we’ll probably keep putting it out until the entire record’s worth of stuff is done and then put it out solid! It’s cool. I’m enjoying working on the stuff and having a good time doing it.”