Slaves Unveil Their Debut Album Is Coming Out This Summer


The two-piece garage rockers Slaves are releasing their debut album this summer and the lads have shared a new single.

The forthcoming record, titled Are You Satisfied, features thirteen tracks and will be available to purchase on June 1st.

The duo from Kent comprises singer-drummer Isaac Holman and singer-guitarist Laurie Vincent.

If the band’s name sounds a little familiar but you can’t quite place the lads, i’ll refresh your memory. Back in October 2014, Slaves and U2 had an awkward encounter on Later With Jools Holland.

The uncomfortable moment happened between Bono and Holman, the Irish singer came up to congratulate the duo on their performance and without thinking Holman replied to the him: ““Cheers mate U2.” Realising what I’d just done I began to laugh. Bono didn’t laugh. Bono walked away.”

Slaves have previewed a new single titled ‘Feed The Mantaray’. Speaking about the upcoming record Are You Satisfied, Holman said: “I think we were all just going a bit stir crazy in the studio. You can hear it in the song because it’s f**king ridiculous. It’s aquatic madness. I’d like to say there’s some sort of hidden meaning you can look for, but it is just utter silliness.”

Listen to the new single ‘Feed The Mantaray’ below.


Are You Satisfied track listing:

The Hunter
Cheer Up London
Despair And Traffic
Do Something
Are You Satisfied?
Wow!!! 7am
Live Like An Animal
Ninety Nine
She Wants Me Now
Feed The Mantaray
Sugar Coated Bitter Truth


*Cover Photo by Mark Richards*