Survey Reveals Fondness For Particular Deodorant By Irish Males

The ''Can-vention Centre'', the quays never smelt so good... #LynxAfrica #GOAT @lynx
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The consumer product Lynx Africa, described by someone as ‘the iconic men’s fragrance‘, is officially recognised as the G.O.A.T.* in Ireland. So says a PR company upon the findings of a survey of 510 Irish men.

The findings show that the fragrance’s ”unparalleled popularity” may even exceed that of the cholesterol laden treats the spicebag or the full Irish breakfast!

The results indicate that 85% of Irishmen ”have donned the quintessential scent”, while over 70% of men ”agree” that Lynx Africa is ”Ireland’s most iconic scent”.

One assertion is that more than a third of respondents claim to have received a compliment while wearing Lynx Africa.

Almost 80% of Dubs reckoned that could identify Lynx Africa in a smell test, while remarkably also close on 80% of Lynx fans in Connacht attest to its ”iconic fragrance”.

A quarter of ”fellas” from Munster have worn Lynx Africa specifically for over 11 years.

Further PR indicates that since its inception Lynx Africa has sold enough product to fill Dublin’s convention centre over 54,000 times!!!

Viral sensation Ryan Mar and TikTok GOAT Daniel Devlin join Lynx in its celebration of Lynx Africa and are on a search for a guy that has never worn the iconic fragrance, and if they find one they’ll set them up with Lynx Africa goodies – more information on their TikTok and Instagram.

Ryan had this to say of Lynx: “Lynx Africa is one of those scents everyone knows and loves. I was delighted when Lynx asked me to create some fun content around the most iconic scent of all time. It’s been a staple in my bathroom since I was a kid, and I’m glad it’s now officially Ireland’s favourite fragrance.”

Jennifer King, Marketing Manager, Lynx Ireland, said: “The research speaks for itself and has solidified Africa as the G.O.A.T. and go-to fragrance for Irish men. The iconic scent has transcended generations and has now left an indelible mark on the country and firmly cemented its G.O.A.T. status.

*G.O.A.T.  – Greatest Of All Time