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The Eighth Amendment Has Been Formally Repealed

The eighth amendment has now officially been repealed as the bill has been signed into law. President Michael D Higgins signed the...

Work On Legislation Following Yesterday’s Landslide To Begin Over Summer

Leo Vardakar's described the referendum result to relax abortion laws as 'the day the country stepped out of the shadows'. People...

Exit Polls Suggest Ireland Has Voted To Repeal The 8th

Exit polls suggest the 8th amendment will be repealed when votes in the abortion referendum are counted today. Two polls show a...

8th Amendment Canvassing Continues

The 'Yes' campaign appears to have a significant lead, as we head into the final week of the 8th Amendment referendum...

New Voters Urged to Register For Referendum On The 8th

The Together for Yes campaign have today launched their #Register4Yes voter registration drive to encourage people to make sure they are...