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Conserving Water Crucial Says Utility

https://youtu.be/XzSJFMSbHIk Irish Water has reiterated their plea to members of the public to conserve water as drought conditions continues across the country...

Weekend Weather: Have We Ever Prayed For Rain?

Cíara Spain
Dare we say it? Do we want rain? We're never happy with what we have, are we? But just think of...

Weekend Weather: Glorious

Cíara Spain
Could it be? Could we be about to have an actual heatwave? The weekend has approached and its apparently bringing a...

Weekend Weather: Looks Like Rain Ted

Cíara Spain
Here we are, summer clothes down from the attic, because after the last two weeks we believed we were going to...

Weekend Weather: Is This Actually Lasting?

Cíara Spain
Wow. Is this some sort of record? The fact that the sun has been shining all week and we're being told...

Weekend Weather: Sunscreen Is On Special Offer!

Cíara Spain
Sunscreen is on special offer across the country and we never thought we'd be extremely happy to see it happen for...

Weekend Weather: Hello Mr. Sun

Cíara Spain
Well, hello Mr. Sun, nice to see you and please don't leave us, like ever! The forecast is suspecting a small...

Weekend Weather: Will We See More Sunny Days?

Cíara Spain
Will we see more sunny days this weekend? I think we all know the answer to that one right now -...

Weekend Weather: Where’s Our Heatwave?

Cíara Spain
So amid all the reports this week of a heatwave coming our way, we're severely disappointed to be currently sitting in...

Weekend Weather: The Best Of Both Worlds

Cíara Spain
Yes - it's that time again, the weekend and as usual the weather tries to play havoc with our plans. However,...

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