More Talk Of Unreleased Queen & Bowie Collaboration Tracks


Queen guitarist Brian May teased us last month with the announcement that  there may be unreleased ‘raw’ songs from the band, which were recorded with the late David Bowie.

The tracks apparently come from their 1981 collaboration ‘Under Pressure’. Speaking about the collaboration, May said that “not all of what we did in those sessions has ever come to light, so there’s a thought.” Which obviously got fans very excited.

And now another person close to the band has said that there is unreleased material from the band and Bowie. Peter Hince who was a roadie for Queen has also discussed the ‘raw’ unreleased tracks. Speaking to The Guardian, Hince said that there “is other material Queen recorded with Bowie that never got released” and he was “there in the studio when it happened.”

“They performed some original songs they did together and also covers,” Hince said. “They were just jamming in the studio and it all got recorded – ‘All the Young Dudes’, ‘All the Way from Memphis’ and various rock classics.”

“There’s stuff with Freddie and David singing together – proper full-length rock’n’roll tracks … Raw, but good.”

This news comes as Adam Lambert and original Queen members are getting ready for their upcoming tour later this year. Adam and the original members have been promoting the tour on various platforms such as Jimmy Kimmel. Their European and U.K tour kicks off later this year, in November. It will see the band play Dublin’s 3Arena November 25th.

We’ll have to keep our eyes and ears peeled for any more news on this! And we’ll be sure to share it with you when we do!