Taylor Hawkins Urged Cyrus To Share Live Cover Via Voicemail


One of the major talking points from this week in the world of music is of course the second Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show, which took place in Los Angeles earlier this week (September 27). It also featured Miley Cyrus.

The star studded line up which took to the stage at LA’s KIA Forum featured Matt Cameron of Soundgarden, Jon Davidson, Taylor Momsen, Pink, Leann Rimes and Danny Carey,  Josh Homme, Geezer Butler, Alanis Morrisette, Joan Jett, Chad Smith, Mark Ronson, along with Hawkins’ band Foo Fighters.

Taking to the stage, Miley Cyrus joined forces with Def Leppard and Foo Fighters, to share a live cover of Def track ‘Photograph’. You can check that out for yourselves below.

You can also catch Nova’s report here.

“personal request”

Since then, Miley Cyrus has taken to Twitter to reveal that the late Taylor Hawkins had in fact left her a voice message urging her to cover this classic track.

“A personal request from the legend himself”, Cyrus tweeted.

“#TaylorHawkins my friend, my idol…. My neighbor. Growing up on a farm I never could see the light of another house nearby, but living by Taylor for the years that I did out in LA were some of the most fun times of my life.”

“I miss Taylor so much like everybody else,” she continues. “It was such an honor to celebrate him last night and perform w[ith] Def Leppard. So lucky to have known him not just as a superstar but to have spent time watching him just be a dad and a husband! Last night was the most special way to remember the MOST special person! Foo Fighters forever”. 

This message was also shared by Cyrus, who lived next door to Hawkins in LA.

This tribute gig also feature a supergroup of Joan Jett, Travis Barker and Foo Fighters, where they performed two classic Jett tracks ‘Bad Reputation’ and ‘Cherry Bomb’. More on this from Nova here.