Forget Iron Man – Get A Fire Man!


Poor Ozzy.

He and fire do not go hand in hand! Or maybe they do, but the results aren’t good!

Seems he managed to start a kitchen fire in his Los Angeles home on Tuesday while making a bacon sandwich!

But things went wrong as the meat sizzled in the pan, causing a blaze so bad he had to call the fire engines in to deal with the flames.

The bacon sandwich incident is not the Osbourne family’s first brush with fire.

In December of last year, Ozzy accidentally set fire to his hair while trying to put out a small blaze cause by an oil candle. Then in January, Sharon had to call in firefighters after forgetting to put out a candle before she went to bed which set fire to some of her furniture.

Since the two incidents, Ozzy has banned candles from the family home… but not bacon, a hot pan or himself!