Watch Axl Rose Perform From A Throne


It seems that Dave Grohl isn’t the only frontman that has had to perform from a throne. After recently injuring his foot, Axl Rose is stuck performing from one.

During the band’s second reunion show in Las Vegas, Rose was restricted to performing from a throne after he recently suffered an injury to his foot. At a warm-up show in Los Angeles last week Rose broke his foot, but he’s determined to play the rest of the band’s dates.

Axl Rose is currently in a cast and is only able to put limited weight on the broken foot for at least four weeks. Guns N’ Roses upcoming dates include Coachella as well as two dates in Mexico

It was recently reported that the throne that Axl Rose is using was given to him by Dave Grohl. Grohl had a throne custom made for him when he broke his leg and has apparently lent it to Axl Rose for the gigs.

During the show Rose said to the crowd “I wanna thank Dave Grohl for this; it was very nice of him. I’ve got nothing to do with this.”

You can watch a video down below of Guns N’ Roses second night in Las Vegas with Rose singing from a throne.


Photo Credit: Laura Cox