Watch: Bono Recaps 2016 In Song With Halsey


Bono appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in America earlier this week to launch an annual fundraiser in aid of AIDS charity (Red).

Bono is one of many famous figures that appeared on the American talk show to speak about their involvement with the cause. Celebrities including Julia Roberts, Neil Patrick Harris and Channing Tatum all spoke about their commitment to the fundraiser.

Bono’s appearance also featured a performance of a re-worded Cole Porter tune in which he re-caps the last 12 months with the help of Halsey. Lyrics in the song include “Do you remember Pokémon? It was big for a month, but now it’s gone.”  and a reference to Trump’s election win  “Not to fear, we have it sorted/ Or maybe we’ll just get deported.”

You can watch the performance here:

Bono also spoke to Jimmy Kimmel about the cause and said that everyone who donates to the (Red) campaign will be entered in a draw for a prize where U2 will play to the winner plus one guest. Speaking of the prize, Bono said “We’ve played to 10 people once,” he added, “In New York we played to 37 people. But to play for two people: that’s going to pretty special for us.”

Photo Cred: World Bank Photo Collection