Watch Damon Albarn Serenade An Elephant


Yes you did read that right, Damon Albrarn has indeed serenaded an elephant. Albarn recently sang the song ‘Mr.Tembo’ to an elephant.

The track appeared on Damon Albarn’s debut solo album Everyday Robots and was about an orphaned baby elephant that he met while travelling in Tanzania. Albarn recently returned to Tanzania to serenade the now fully grown up elephant.

Albarn spoke previously to NME about his first meeting with Mr Tembo, as he described him as a “beautiful little fella”, recalling the moment how after he played the song on his ukulele, the elephant “backed away and shat himself”.

It seems that Albarn has a habit of getting up close and personal with the subjects of his songs. As well as serenading an elephant he recently performed a track in Japan in front of a cyborg, It also reacted to the music which shows how advanced the technology is.

Albarn recently announced that he will be working on a new Gorillaz album this September. The last time the duo of Damon Albarn and animator Jamie Hewlett released an album was  in 2011 with The Fall.

You can watch the clip of Damon Albarn and the elephant down below.


Photo Credit: scannerFM