You Can Listen To The Who’s ‘Who’s Next?’ In Full Tonight From Midnight


Who’s Next is the fifth studio album by English rock band The Who which was released on 14 August 1971. Much of the material from this album comes from Pete Townends sci-fi opera, Lifehouse. Townsend wanted to incorporate the band and the audience together using rock music. Unfortunately Lifehouse had to be abandoned but most of the songs on Who’s Next derived from Lifehouse. Most of the album’s tracks were recorded at Olympic Studios.

The record was much stronger than their previous one, Tommy. Singles like “Won’t Get Fooled Again” and “Baba O’Riley” were hits for the band and introduces fans to the band’s use of synthesizers which were a big favourite of Pete Townsends and added to force behind the album.  Who’s Next gave The Who this new loud unhinged sound which is why it was a success.

The album was an immediate success when it was released, and has been certified 3× platinum by the RIAA. It was the only album by the Who to top the UK charts. It still continues to be critically acclaimed, including being cited in 2006 by Time magazine as one of the best 100 albums of all time. This hard rock record has been reissued on CD several times with additional material intended for Lifehouse.



1. Baba O’Riley


3.Love Ain’t for Keeping

4.My Wife

5.The Song Is Over

6. Getting in Tune

7. Going Mobile

8. Behind Blue Eyes

9. Won’t Get Fooled Again


Photo Cred: Ian Welch