AC/DC Drummer Acts The Maggot In Court


AC/DC’s drummer Phil Rudd was back in court last week in New Zealand, but he wasn’t acting as seriously as everyone else.

In a strange appearance, Rudd not only turned up late, always a great way to curry favour with a judge, he jumped on a security guard and winked at shocked reporters.

Rudd’s initial arrest for attempting to procure the murder of two people has been dropped, due to lack of evidence. Although, the two other charges of threats to kill and drug possession still stand.

AC/DC’s guitarist Angus Young spoke to the Guardian, explaining that even before his arrest, the group were having difficulties with the drummer.

“Young said: Well, we had a few problems. The situation he’s in that took everyone by surprise. We had a few issues before with him, even when we were recording it was hard even to get to him to do the recording.”

“And then he was supposed to show up to do promos with us, to do video shoots and a few shoots and a few other things, and he never showed up for that either. So, at this stage, it’s a pretty tough call for us.”

The 60-year-old wasn’t acting like someone still facing marijuana, mephamphetamine possession and threatening to kill charges, that could see him spend up to seven years in prison.

Before entering the courtroom he jumped on the back of one of the security guards outside the courthouse, winked at astonished journalists, drummed a rhythm on the dock and then made his getaway in a sports car.

Rudd did not enter a plea during his brief appearance.