Check Out Dave Grohl Join Forces With The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Beck Live!


The Foos frontman, Dave Grohl joined forces with Karen O, lead singer with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. That was for a recent political music event, in anticipation of the US midterm elections. The effervescent lead singer jumped on the drums for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ epic tune ‘Heads Will Roll’ at the activist gig called The Last Weekend.

The event was overseen by Swing Left, a political network of volunteers canvassing for Democrat candidates in the run-up to the elections on Tuesday, November 6th. Before they lashed into ‘Heads Will Roll’, Karen O announced, “I just wanted to say that I’m so happy to be here and support the swing left. Are you ready to fucking win on Tuesday? Because I’m ready to win!”

Dave Grohl also teamed up with Beck for a special rendition of ‘Where It’s At’, that also comprised of Chic’s ‘Good Times’ melody!

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