Chevelle Announce Additional 2012 Tour Dates


Chicago hard rock trio announce more spring shows.

From “The Red” to “Face to the Floor,” it’s obvious Chevelle know how to write a killer rock song. Right now, the guys are taking that catchy sound on the road for a North American tour with Janus and Middle Class Rut. When that jaunt wraps up, Chevelle have just announced seven more tour dates for this spring. Check out the new shows, below, and find Chevelle’s complete 2012 tour roster on their official site.

When it comes to how Chevelle write their rock tunes, singer and guitarist Pete Loeffler asserts that it all starts with a certain ambiance and, of course, great guitar lick. When asked if the group’s songs usually start out with a riff, Loeffler told Artist Direct, “Not always, but most of the time. It starts with a mood. A lot of our songs start on acoustic and end up being heavier tracks. I think the sign of a good song is that it can be played acoustically as well. It would be cool to do a coffeehouse kind of tour, play a lot of these songs acoustic, and break everything really far down. A lot of it starts with the riff.”

He went on to gives his thoughts on the sound of “Hats Off to the Bull.” “To a point, you need to just roll with it, which is what we tried to do,” he explained. “After you do all of your rehearsal, you hand it over to the producer to let him work his magic and get the tones that you’re looking for. That’s the toughest part. I play in front of a board with the speakers blaring as they’re tweaking everything. It can get very mind-numbing. You have to stay really focused. I think it came out good though.”

New Chevelle 2012 Tour Dates:

04/13, 2012 — Coliseum Tallahassee — Tallahassee, Fla.
04/16, 2012 — Miglewood Hall — Memphis, Tenn.
04/25, 2012 — Club Nokia – Los Angeles, Calif.
04/08, 2012 — Varsity Theatre — Baton Rouge, L.A.
04/15, 2012 — Shopko Hall — Green Bay, Wis.
04/18, 2012 — Ground Zero Nightclub — Traverse City, Mich.
04/23, 2012 — The Castle Theater — Bloomington, Ind.