Dave Grohl Joins Guns N’Roses On Glastonbury Stage


Over the weekend, Dave Grohl treated Glastonbury goers to a surprise set, as he joined Guns N’Roses on stage yesterday evening (June 26).

Ahead of this festival, rumours had been spreading that Grohl’s band Foo Fighters were to perform at Glastonbury under the moniker ‘The Churnups’. 

Grohl had appeared to confirm this via Instagram earlier this month.

“Hey, it’s been a while”, the message read. “Now that we’ve returned  from our first run of shows, I felt compelled to reach out and thank you all for being there for us”.  

“Every night, when I see you singing, it makes me sing harder. When I see you screaming, it makes me scream louder. When I see you your tears, it brings me to tears. And when I see your joy, it bring me joy. But, I see you… and it feels good to see you, churning up these emotions together”. 

“he insists on playing” 

Grohl subsequently joined Guns N’Roses on stage at Glastonbury, having performed at the Worthy Farm venue alongside the Pretenders and Johnny Marr earlier in the day.

“Apparently there’s a drunk guy backstage…he insists on playing”, Pretenders lead singer Chrissie Hynde told the audience.

Hynde had earlier confirmed her band’s performance at the festival, writing this message via Instagram.

“It’s always been there for most of our lifetimes. There has never been a festival like it anywhere else”, she said. More here.

Appearing on stage towards the end of the Guns N’Roses’ set, Grohl performed a live cover of the track ‘Paradise City’. Lead singer Axl Rose said, “because you can never have enough guitars”. 

Check out some of the reaction of this special performance below.


Earlier this month, Foo Fighters also announced plans for a much anticipated UK Tour, which will take place next year. Find out more here.