Ever Recorded In Windmill Lane Recording Studios… On Tape?


As just discussed on NOVA’s Rock Report with Windmill Lane director, Tony Perry, the studio is requiring all past artists collect their audiotapes as over the years as they have begun deteriorating.

All enthusiasts are encouraged to view before this piece of history is gone.

Any artists who recorded in Windmill Lane Recording Studios using 2 Inch Multitrack Tapes please be advised we are in the process of disposing of these. Over the years they have begun to deteriorate and are of questionable use. We will be retaining many classic and seminal recordings for posterity.
We are encouraging all artists or their representation to claim their tapes before they are disposed of in line with the expansions of the studios. Weighing tonnes, these tapes occupy valuable space and will be disposed of.
We are also encouraging all enthusiasts and fans alike visit the studios for your last chance to ever see the significance of these nostalgic pieces all in one place again. We are not in a position to list the vast amount of artists who have recorded here over the years but you can view our more recent client list via http://www.windmilllanerecording.com/clients.

Not arsed looking at the list.. AC/DC, U2 and The Rolling Stones are on there!