Florence + The Machine Reveal New Video


It has been a busy week for Florence + The Machine as they not only took to the stage at Coachella last Sunday but the band also debuted the video for their newest single Ship to Wreck at the California festival.

Ship to Wreck is the latest off their forthcoming LP How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful and the video features a distressed looking Welch wandering around her London home while her alter ego causes mayhem. Speaking during her Coachella performance Welch described the song as “about some time off I had in London when I had some drunken parties and trashed my house and said a drunken ‘I love you’ too soon.” In another statement about the single Welch stated “I was thinking about my own self-destructive side, and how you can make something only to tear it down. When you’re in that whirlwind, you often end up breaking the thing you love the most.”

The video’s choreography is the work of Ryan Heffington who previously worked on Sia’s Chandelier. Directing the video was Vincent Haycock who also worked on the band’s previous singles for How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

The track is set for release on May 25.

Photo Cred: Jason Persse