Foals “Want To Do Something Great” On New Album


Foals have recently spoken about their new album and the inspirations behind it. The band detailed the aspirations that they have for the new album which comes out this month.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Foals previewed their upcoming new album What Went Down and said “It’s why the band are still together – real discussions. You can’t be dainty if you want to do something great.”

Frontman Yannis Phillippakis spoke about how he sees the music as being an extension of the artist “I like the idea that being self-destructive brings out your best art,” adding that “People talk about catharsis, as if you unburden yourself by playing a song. I don’t feel that. You carry things through for life.”

Yannis also spoke about some of the uncharted territory that the band went to on the new album, saying “I wanted to explore the extremities, the darkest crevices of my mind,”

Foals also spoke about their longevity as a band compared to some of their contemporaries “This isn’t going to last forever, at 20 bands share a youthful energy. At 40, they grow apart,” adding that “We want to look back and know we made things as powerful and out of control as possible.

Photo Credit: Nicole Kilbert