Iggy Pop Releases Video For ‘American Valhalla’


Iggy Pop has released a video for his newest single ‘American Valhalla’. It’s the latest single from his new album Post Pop Depression which came out earlier this year.

The new video features model Ruth Bell, who sits behind a small box that plays clips of a boxing match and Iggy. The box then disappears and Bell is shown with bruises on her face.

The video was produced by Nownesss and was directed by Jamie-James Medina. Speaking about the video Medina said it’s like “the survivor or a last man standing” before adding that “I love Iggy Pop and I’m a huge boxing fan.”

He continued by talking about how the new Iggy Pop video came about “I was listening to ‘American Valhalla’ and was reminded of this very low-key but classic fight between Dick Tiger and Gene Fullmer, which took place in Nigeria in 1963 and for whatever reason I found a connection there.”

“There is so much history in Iggy’s voice and that seems to be a theme throughout his new record—the contender or the survivor or the last man standing. Iggy remembers watching the fight, which is incredible.”

Speaking about the video himself Iggy Pop said “This is my favourite song and Ruth’s performance is brilliant, thanks kid.” You can watch Pop’s new video fro American Valhalla down below.

Photo Credit: Dena Flows