Iggy Pop Tells The Stooges Story In New Book


Iggy Pop will tell the story of The Stooges in a new book which is set to release this winter. The book is called Total Choas: The Story of the Stooges / As Told by Iggy Pop.

The book tells the story of one of the most influential rock bands of all time, The Stooges. It charts the rise of the band during the ’60s as well as their demise in the following years.

The story is told by Iggy Pop himself as writers Jeff Gold and Johan Kugelberg spent two days with him at his Miami home to recall his days with The Stooges.

They asked questions and collected tales about everything from music to drugs to a personal account of the rise and fall of one of rock’s most storied, and combustible, bands.

The Stooges were formed in 1967 in Detroit and along with another local band MC5 would lay the ground work for the hard rock and punk movements of the ’70s.

They would eventually split during the mid ’70s as Iggy Pop’s heroin addiction worsened and his behaviour became more erratic.

Joan Jett, Johnny Marr and Jack White will also give their takes on The Stooges story in the new book. It will be published by Jack White’s own publishing company Third Man Books.

Photo Credit: Dena Flows