It’s International Coffee Day! Join the Marty @ Work Virtual Coffee Morning!


Heeeeeellooooo Joe!

It’s International Coffee Day and Marty @ Work is doing a virtual Coffee Morning.

Pictures of us lot, enjoying coffee!

Here’s Emily Jade, very 2020!! (How it works, not sure!)

Here’s Olwen and her Stones mug…

Andy in Blanch has a GREAT mug!

Here’s Robbie’s mug from Sandyford. Well loved!

Colin says tea for me. Barred!

Here’s Leigh and his 13 year old Moka Pot and some Rave On coffee freshly ground

Sean, getting ready..

Sean, off his bin!

Paul in Trim, getting there early

Lorraine in Bray and her huge mug! (Looks home made, right?)

Jay on the move

Ali in Meath

Allen’s Cups!

Maria in Cork fancy set up..

Marty’s Moko Pot. BIG love!

Taxi Man Gary

Therea from Swords drinks hers like this…

Here’s Eddie’s well worn vessel!

Avril and her Moka pot

Eric’s mam in law gave him this. Perfect!

Miriam is having hers in the garden

Paddy’s full to the brim!

Johnny’s a grumpy aul git!

Here’s Tash’s Bon Jovi mug

Gary and his frothy Latte, by lake!

Brian Springsteen!

Michelle! Descale.. DESCALE!!! (Fancy machine!)

PJ and his biccie’s! Lovely cup. 🙂

Big Red’s free one from the Golden Arches

Eddie’s builders mug! ehhhhhh…

Here’s Wills U2 Mug