John Lennon’s killer, Mark Chapman Denied Parole


Mark Chapman, the man who murdered John Lennon 36 years ago, in New York City,  has been denied parole for the ninth time.

The 61 year- old murdered the Beatles musician outside the home where he lived with wife Yoko Ono and son Sean, in New York City on the 8th of December 1980.  Chapman applied for parole in a letter saying that he now understands that the crime was “Premeditated, Selfish and Evil.”

The killer was denied parole, with the parole board saying that “In spite of many favourable factors, we find all to be outweighed by the premeditated and celebrity seeking nature of the crime,” and added that releasing Chapman could “be incompatible with the welfare of society”.

Chapman, who is currently serving 20 years to life in New York’s Wende Correctional Facility,  was last eligible for parole in 2014, where he told the parole board that he had found Jesus and that “I know him. He loves me. He has forgiven me. He has helped in my life like you wouldn’t believe.”

Chapman’s next parole hearing will be in August 2018.

Photo Cred: Dave Winer