Liam Gallagher Labels Noel As A “Sell-Out”


Liam Gallagher has spoken out about Noel Gallagher letting John Lewis use his song for a new Christmas advert. According to sources of The Daily Mail in the UK, Liam was less than impressed with Noel’s decision.

The song in question is ‘Half The World Away’ an Oasis B-side from 1994. It was covered by Norwegian singer Aurora for the John Lewis advert for their annual Christmas campaign.

The song was originally written and performed solely by Noel. However, tabloid reports suggest that Liam Gallagher is critical of his decision to allow the song to be used on TV this Christmas.

A source told the Daily Mirror about Liam’s reaction “When he first heard about it he was ranting in his own local pub in Hampstead, north London, to just about anyone who’d listen. ”

Supposedly Liam Gallagher didn’t approve of Noel’s ethics “Liam accused Noel of being shameless for letting John Lewis use the track… He’s told mutual friends and family that Noel is a sell-out, and even joked that he won’t be welcome in the local pub near their mum’s house… not that he can enforce that!”

Photo Credit: freschwill