Marty Miller Gives His Thoughts On Phil Lynott


What do you think former Thin Lizzy frontman and bassist Phil Lynott would be doing if he were still with us?

Wednesday would/should have been his 65th birthday. Sadly his passing back in 1986 stops us celebrating his birthday… WITH him at least. The celebrations without him around though, will go on!

On the radio show this week, we had some great calls with your Phil stories, so many of us met the man over the years.  Eamon Carr of Horslips even called in to reminisce about his great times in Philo’s company.

We really are ‘still in love’ with that charming rogue and this weekend proves just how much!

Tonight, with Hotpress magazine, upstairs in Fallon & Byrne, the ‘Remember Philip’ event happens. You, yummy dinner, a Q&A session with the rockers mam Philomena alongside live music from Dave Geraghty (Bell X1), Julie Feeney and more performing their favourite Philo tunes. Tonight really will be a wonderful insight into the life and times of one of our greatest rock stars. See for all the details.

The celebrations continue tomorrow night up the Button Factory with the inaugural ‘Bash for Philo’. This is looking like a lot of fun too, a rake of Lizzy tribute acts from Ireland, the UK and Sweden, a massive bass guitar cake and a chance for you to scream Happy Birthday to the big man all promised! Plus Peter Lynott, Phils uncle, will perform a song he wrote for his nephew after his death in 1986.  Tickets are available for the Button Factory  bash from now.

Finally to wrap a weekend of Philo, head out to his old stomping ground of Howth to join the Bloody Stream birthday events. Sunday from 3pm till VEEEERY late, great food, drinks, live music and all for free!

All of these birthday celebrations will be attended by fans, friends and family from home and abroad and if you get to one, or all, a great time is guaranteed! “ARE YOU READY??”

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