Paul McCartney “Blames Bruce Springsteen” For Long Stage Times


Paul McCartney has claimed in a recent interview that he “blames” Bruce Springsteen for the increasingly long stage sets.

The Beatles music legend made these comments on Conan O’Brien’s ‘Needs A Friend’ podcast, where he spoke about the ever-increasingly long stage sets.

Having revealed that the Beatles would often perform for just 30 minutes on stage back in their heyday, McCartney has now claimed that Springsteen is to blame for these extensive sets.

“It’s your fault man” – McCartney Blames Springsteen

Speaking to Conan O’Brien, McCartney has put the blame on The Boss.

“These days, pretty much there’s the main act and there might be a warm-up act”, Paul McCartney said. “Then [in the 1960s], it was a lot of people on the bill because nobody did long, now people will do three or four hours. I blame Bruce Springsteen – I’ve told him so, I said ‘It’s your fault man”. 

He also added, “You can’t now do an hour, we used to do a half hour. That was The Beatles thing – half an hour and we got paid for it”. 

Speaking on performing with the Beatles, McCartney revealed that the shorter sets were never an issue with the fans.

On this shorter set, McCartney revealed that this was largely due to the other acts who would also perform on the show.

“I tried to work out why was it so short. Well, because there were a lot of people on the bill”, the music legend explained.  “I think when you went to a thing if you were a comedian the promoter would say ‘How long can you do? Four minutes?’”. 

“The guy would say yes, so they would do four and so we thought, ‘well, half an hour that’s like epic’… It didn’t seem strange’”. 

Speaking of the Beatles, Paul McCartney pointed to the use of AI as a huge part in the creation of a final fab four track, which will be released later this year. More on this here.

Meanwhile, Paul McCartney is to also feature alongside Noel Gallagher and members of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd in a new feature film Squaring The Circle: The Story Of Hipgnosis.