Paul Mescal Named On TIME’s Most Influential People List


Irish actor Paul Mescal has been named on TIME Magazine’s 100 Next List of influential people.

The Maynooth native’s inclusion was confirmed yesterday (September 13), as part of a list which takes note of 100 rising leaders who are making waves in entertainment, business, politics, science, sports, health among others, with Mescal named in the artist category.

Normal People star Paul Mescal was named alongside stars including Game of Thrones actress Bella Ramsey, The Crown’s Emma Corrin, and Maya Hawke of Stranger Things.

Other names featured on the list include businesswoman and model Hailey Bieber, West Side Story’s Rachel Ziegler, and US musician Ice Spice.

The full list is also available on

“something indelibly honest about his work”

As part of his inclusion on the list, Paul Mescal received a very touching tribute from fellow Irish actor Colin Farrell.

“Why is it that the finest actors leave us with the sense that we know them. Even if they are – in life – unknown to us”, Farrell pondered.

He continued, “Paul Mescal exemplifies the answer to that question, for there is something indelibly honest about his work. Something that allows us a feeling of recognition”. 

“It’s not so much what he shows you, but instead what he makes of himself available for you to see”. 

Finishing off his statement on Mescal, Farrell also added, “It is the sincerity of his every word and gesture that makes me so excited for what he’s yet to share with us”. 

Mescal fans can also look forward to seeing the actor in a few upcoming projects.

He will be spotted next on the screens in All Of Us Are Strangers, alongside Andrew Scott. Mescal will also star alongside Saoirse Ronan in Foe.

Along with Farrell, global icon Russell Crowe also paid tribute to “good dude” Paul Mescal, who will star the Gladiator sequel.

This is a follow up to the 2000 film, starring Crowe, which saw him win an Oscar, for his portrayal of Maximus. More on this here.