Sex Pistols’ Artist & Punk Star Jamie Reid Dies Aged 76


Jamie Reid, known legend of the Punk music scene and the man behind the iconic artwork of the Sex Pistols, has died aged 76.

His career became defined by the exploding British punk movement of the 1970s, where he created the iconic artwork for several Sex Pistols hits, including ‘God Save The Queen’, and ‘Anarchy In The UK’. 

These décollage-style creations from Reid became a symbol for the movement, inextricably linked with the Sex Pistols, in terms of style and sound.

No cause of death or further details regarding Reid’s death have been confirmed.

Tributes Paid To Reid

Paying tribute to the late Jamie Reid, author Jon Savage, who worked alongside him in 1987 on a book, wrote the following message.

“RIP Jamie Reid, best known as the designer for the classic Sex Pistols era 1976-79″, he said. “His ability to render complex ideas in eye catching visuals was their perfect accompaniment. He and I did a book together in 1987: it’s a good one”. 

Check out more tributes below.

Speaking of the Sex Pistols, former frontman John Lydon, has filed a complaint to the police against a stalker who has claimed to be his daughter.

“At the moment I’m struggling with a stalker who is letting herself in my yard at night, running around claiming that she’s my daughter”, Lydon said.

“And she’s in her 50s. It’s the uncaring selfishness of it that is really upsetting. I’ve had stalkers in the past but this one is becoming just too irrational, and has potential for something much more serious, so I’ve had to report it”.