Shane MacGowan To Launch New Merchandise Following Film Success


Shane MacGowan is to launch a brand new range of merchandise for fans.

Th is comes as the music legend was blown away by the success of his documentary Crock Of Gold.

MacGowan’s film Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds With Shane MacGowan was released last year.

The film looked at the world through the lens of the Pogues music icon.

Our very own Clint Drieberg spoke with the director Julian Temple on how Crock Of Gold was put together. Check that out and more here. 

The Shane Shop

Shane Mac Gowan’s wife Victoria teased about this possible venture earlier this week.

“It’s a @ShaneMacGowan angel on a scapular, they are going to be on the Shane shop soon!”, she wrote.

MacGowan can been seen discussing his incredible music career as well as his early life in several interviews.

The singer was recently moved when he saw footage of the film receiving a standing ovation. Following the success of this film, it now looks like MacGowan will offering fans merchandise with a Shane theme.

“He actually cried” 

Shane’s wife Victoria Mary Clarke explained how footage of this standing ovation from abroad reduced her husband to tears.

“The film received a standing ovation and when I showed Shane the footage he actually cried”, she said.

She continued, “He’s really happy it’s done so well and that fans are enjoying it. It’s gotten huge reactions in Germany and the Czech Republic”. 

“(Director) Julien (Temple) was around filming in the 70s so he got amazing footage that no one’s ever seen of Shane”, she added.

“Loads of it, him being a punk, and then him singing and him messing around and all dressed up in the gear, at all the gigs. It’s really good”.  

Shane MacGowan “very lucky”

Shane MacGowan missed out on the films premiere as he was forced to stay at home due to travel restrictions caused by the pandemic and lockdown.

But as Victoria explained, the pair received a sneak preview of the film.

“We were very lucky because before the lockdown, we actually got to see it in Windmill Lane. We had a special screening, that was really nice”, she revealed.

“Myself and my sister, and the Cronins, and my nephew and Gerry Adams”.

She commented further, “Gerry’s in it quite a lot, he’s very good in it. He knows an awful lot about Irish history and Irish literature and Irish culture, he’s very knowledgeable”.

“He’s a great speaker. He’d be a very good TV show host, he’d probably be able to host something like the Late Late Show”.

“Shane absolutely loved it”, she added. “He also got a real kick out of the one he did with Johnny because that was very funny and it was really entertaining, but I think the one with Gerry was more reverential”.

“It was like having the Pope come to visit! And the one with Bono as well of course”. 

It had also been reported back in July that Shane MacGowan’s upcoming book A Furious Devotion: The Authorised Story of Shane MacGowan, is set of an October release. More on that here.