Sinéad O’Connor Announces New Album “No Veteran Dies Alone”


On top of her recently released memoir, Sinéad O’Connor has now confirmed that her upcoming album “No Veteran Dies Alone” will be released in 2022.

“No Veteran Dies Alone” will arrive some time in January, with no exact date confirmed yet. This is also O’Connor’s first album release since “I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss” in 2014.

Last December, Sinéad O’Connor had teased that fans could expect a record in “late 2021”. She also said that undisclosed cover art for this album was being designed by Donegal illustrator Jacob Stack.

O’Connor said that the album will be released next year and will consist of seven tracks.

More on O’Connor

Last night, the “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer also took to Twitter to encourage her followers to check out the audio book for her memoir “Rememberings”.

The singer recently released the tell-all book where she explores so many topics from her life, from her childhood, to that moment when she tore up a photograph of Pope John Paull II live on TV, to her claims that Prince violently attacked her in his Hollywood home, following the success of her cover of “Nothing Compares 2 U”. 

She also discusses rumours that she dated Red Hot Chilli Peppers star Anthony Kiesal and also turned down John F Kennedy Jr as a potential suitor.

Sinéad O’Connor also talks about her friendship with legendary actor Daniel Day-Lewis, a friendship which the singer said she ruined because she lost her temper.

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“Brilliant and so real”

“Rememberings” also received strong praise from legendary American singer Bette Midler.

Midler took to Twitter to commend both O’Connor and the autobiography.

“She is brilliant and so real. Always”, Midler wrote. “When O’Connor tore up the pope photo, she was spot on and brave”.

“Only spineless people with little depth faulted her. I am also a recovering Catholic, and the hypocrisy, greed and misogyny of the church is astounding”.

“It’s hard to forget that specific pope as he said wearing condoms was a ‘sin’ in countries ravaged by AIDS. Morally bereft”.

“O’Connor, on the other hand, is simply who she is and not interested in appeasing anyone or making false moral claims”. 

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