Tickets Available As Five Croker Dates Confirmed For Garth Brooks


It has been confirmed that Garth Brooks will play five concerts at Croke Park.

The singer was intially allowed to play three gigs at Croke Park as part of the stadium’s plan for three music events this year. 

Since then, it has now been revealed that Brooks will also play two extra dates at Croke Park on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 September 2022.

Five Dates “impossible” – Brooks

Garth Brooks had previously said that he would love to play five gigs at Croke Park, but he had described the possibility as “impossible”.

“I’d love to do five, but I’d also love to be 6’5″ and have abs”, Brooks said.

He added, “If there is a blessing in that curse of what happened in 2014, it’s the fact that there is a chance that this artist, and those people that were sweet enough to get those tickets before, now have a chance to hopefully see each other again”. 

“It’s the greatest privilege and the greatest joy an artist can have to play Ireland. It’s the greatest heartache to be told you can’t”. 

Ticketmaster themselves also tweeted, “Garth fans, It’s really busy this morning, so there is a queue in place. Please be patient”. 

When planning permission for five gigs was denied back in 2014, Garth Brooks pulled the plug on the concerts altogether. Brooks compared this to a death in the family.

It’s the greatest privilege and the greatest joy an artist can have to play Ireland – it’s the greatest heartache to be told you can’t”, he said.

He also added, ”It hurthurthurt, “It’s still very freshit’s something I never experienced”.

There’s one word, sincerity,” he added. “There’s something that goes on here that I can’t explain. It’s wonderful”. 

“The faces out in the street, it’s the sincerity that I can’t explain”. 

Adding, “I’ve been around the world and there’s no place like this.

Irelandit’s the people who make this country“. More on this here. 

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